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About Us

create engaging audio

We create engaging audio for creative families and curious minds, age 0 - 99. Our goal is to develop unique, screen-free experiences that inspire creativity, active learning, and a love of language and sound. 

We aim to make shows that kids and adults can enjoy together. We're excited about the interactive potential of podcasts, so hope you’ll share your creativity with us! 

Podikins is based in Guelph, ON, Canada. 


Podikins Presents is our podcast channel. It features activities, skits, and stories designed to promote collaborative and creative thinking.

Our audience is encouraged to join in on the action and share their creations with us, which we will then feature on following episodes.

The Podikins Team

engaging audio
creative audio
create engaging audio

James Nicholson, Co-Founder
James writes and produces Podikins Presents. He's passionate about sound design and storytelling. He's also pursuing a PhD in English Literature, but is increasingly distracted by audio. Before finding podcasting, James cast more than a million pods (tree pods, that is) into clear-cuts across Canada.

Andrew Whitfield, Co-Founder
Andrew writes and hosts Podikins Presents. He's a father of two, has a Masters of Library and Information Science degree and works as a library branch supervisor. He's passionate about stories, fostering imagination, creativity, and fun! 

Podi, Co-founder
Podi came to the team unexpectedly. You see, James and Andrew were originally creating a show about model trains called "Chuggin' Along" when Podi strolled into the studio. Podi's been a fixture ever since. Believe it or not, it was Podi who convinced them to abandon "Chuggin' Along" and create Podikins! Podi's been telling James and Andrew some incredible stories (and one day, we're planning on sharing them with you!)

And of course Podi wouldn't exist, if it weren't for the extremely talented

Liz Whitehead

who designed our logo and cover art.

Find her on twitter @lilsweetpotato. 

Special thanks to Hilary and Norah, for their love, patience and support of Podikins from the very start.