Welcome to the FAQ page. Here you'll find answers to some of the most common questions we get here at Podikins HQ.  Don't see an answer to the question you're looking for? Or you do but you want more info? Send us an e-mail: info@podikins.fm

Q) How do I subscribe to the podcast? To your social media accounts? To your newsletter?

A) Those are great questions! To simply subscribe to the podcast, our social media accounts, or the newsletter, visit our subscribe page. 


  1. If you need help subscribing to Podikins Presents via the Podcasts App, click here. 
  2. If you need help subscribing to Podikins Presents via the iTunes Store on your Mac or PC, click here
  3. If you're wanting to listen to Podikins Presents using a Podcatcher on an android mobile device (or iPhone), click here to learn how!

Q) I want to send in a voice memo but I don't know how to create one. Help!

A) Don't worry, that's a common problem. Please check out this blog post for some help.

Q) I hear reviews are really helpful for a podcast. How can I leave one for Podikins?

A) You heard correctly! A review and/or rating would be tremendous. To learn how you can leave a review check out this blog post.