011 - Story Chef 3: Bardolf Remington's Zoo of Animals and Oddities

Part 1: The Ingredients

Part 2: The Story

BONUS:  Classical Music Playlist

This week, Podikins Presents. . .

Story Chef: Bardolf Remington's Zoo of Animals and Oddities

Andrew and James cook up another story from scratch using ingredients listeners have sent in!  

This story is a real smorgasbord featuring 19 different ingredients!

Will they be able to cook up a tasty tale using ingredients as varied as a shadow fairy, a grumpy snail who's lost, a snake with crazy looking legs, and many others?  Take a listen and find out!

If you haven't heard our previous Story Chef episodes, head on back to Episode 002 to hear about Rose the Rose Fairy and the Last Magical Gorilla or Episode 008 to be regaled with the tale of Cave Baby and the Magical Etching Device.

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Special Thanks:

To all those who sent in ingredients!

- Amanda
- Beatrix
- Daniel
- Ellie
- Jemma
- Jillian
- Josie
- Kayla
- Kyle
- Lindsay
- Maddie


Created by James Nicholson and Andrew Whitfield
Artwork by Liz Whitehead
Matt Schichter is GoldenTone
Special Guest Hilary Jarvis as Hammerhead Shark


Music in this episode is licensed under an Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike Agreement. More information on this type of agreement can be found at freemusicarchive.org or you can click on the artist/song title to be taken to the source. 

Patrick Lee - Crested Flycatcher and Quittin' Time

Dave Depper - Western

Christian Bjoerklund - The Professor's Lab

Classical Music:

Classical Music for the soundtrack (and story) was obtained from musopen.org.  Musopen is a 501(c)(3) non-profit focused on increasing access to music by creating free resources and educational materials. They provide recordings, sheet music, and textbooks to the public for free, without copyright restrictions. Put simply, their mission is to set music free. 

1. Franz Joseph Haydn - String Quartet in E flat major, Hob. III:64
(performed by the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum)

2. Antonio Vivaldi - Cello Sonata in Em, RV 40, 5 (IV) Allegro
(performed by the Telemann Trio)

3. Johan Halvorsen - Entry March of the Boyars (Bojarenes Inntogsmarsj)
(performed by the United States Marine Band)

4. Franz Joseph Haydn - Flötenuhrstücke, Hob. XIX:1-32 - nos. 1 to 12 (Organ) (performed by Michael Schopen)

5. Maurice Ravel - Miroirs - III. Une barque sur l'ocean
(performed by Robert Ewen Birchall)

6. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Church Sonata no. 1 in Eb, K. 67 (Trumpet arr.)
(performed and arranged by Michel Rondeau)

7. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Flute Quartet in D major, K. 285
(performed by the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum)

8. Julius Fučík - Florentiner Marsch, Op. 214 [band arr.]
(performed by the United States Marine Band)

9. Ludwig van Beethoven - Symphony no. 3 in Eb 'Eroica', Op. 55
(performed by the Musopen Symphony)

10. Georg Friedrich Händel - Rinaldo, HWV 7b - Act III. Aria: Lascia ch'io pianga
(performed by Bert Alink)

11. Pyotr Il'yich Tchaikovsky - The Seasons, Op. 37a - VI. June: Barcarolle
(performed by Peter-Bradley Fulgoni)

12. Maciej Żołnowski - Kwartet Japoński II
(performed by Maciej Żołnowski)

13. Felix Mendelssohn - Symphony no. 3 'Scottish', Op. 56 - II. Vivace non troppo
(performed by Musopen Symphony)

14. Maurice Ravel - Miroirs - IV. Alborada del gracioso
(performed by Robert Ewen Birchall)

15. Carl Maria von Weber - Oberon (or The Elf King's Oath), J. 306
(performed by the US Navy Band)

16. Carl Maria von Weber - Der Freischütz, Op. 77
(performed by the European Archive)

17. Claude Debussy –Danse sacrée et danse profane
(performed by the United States Marine Band)

18. George Whitefield Chadwick - Tabasco - Act II, no. 8 'March of the Pasha's Guard' (performed by the United States Marine Band)

19. Franz Liszt - Totentanz, S. 126/2
(performed by Neal O’Doan)

20. Franz Schubert - Nahe des geliebten, D. 162
(performed by the European Archive)

21. John Philip Sousa – Hands Across The Sea
(performed by the US Army Band)