010 - BMA: The Mystery Of The Stone Moon Pt. 1

This week, Podikins Presents. . .

Beginning, Middle, And: The Mystery of the Stone Moon Pt. 1

The year is 3047 and a priceless piece of space art has been stolen!  Sgt. Investigator Frederick Cuff is on the case to try and figure out whodunnit.

You're heading into Mme. Cauley's grade 3 class where James and Andrew did their first ever live taping of Podikins Presents!

However, they ran into a bit of a problem.  They have a beginning, and middle for their story "The Mystery of the Stone Moon," but they don't have an ending!

They're going to need the help of the students in the class, and you, the listener,  if they are going to be able to solve this mystery!

Click on the image below to see Sgt. Cuff's notes from the interrogations, a ship inventory, and the ship report. Who knows?  There just might be some clues in there to help you solve the case!

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Created by James Nicholson and Andrew Whitfield
Artwork by Liz Whitehead
Matt Schichter is GoldenTone

Special Thanks to Mme. Cauley's grade 3 class at Victory Public School in Guelph, ON.

All music in this episode is licensed under an Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike Agreement. More information on this type of agreement can be found at freemusicarchive.org or you can click on the artist/song title to be taken to the source.

Patrick Lee - Crested Flycatcher and Quittin' Time
Sunsearcher - Movie Rhythm2
Jason Shaw - Sailor's Lament
Christian Bjoerklund - Hallon and FB-01_#2
Broke for Free - Caught in the Beat
Additional Scoring by our very own James Nicholson