008.5 - Story Chef: Take Home Edition (Bonus Activity)

In Story Chef: Take Out Edition, we provide a selection of ingredients that we found kicking around the Podikins Pantry and we ask our listeners to see if they can come up with their own stories.

If you come up with a cool story (or stories) and you want to share your creations with us, that'd be awesome!  You can send a voice memo to:


Not sure how to create or send a voice memo?  Check out the FAQ section on our website.

We hope you'll have fun cooking up your own story! 

To learn more about what goes into a Story Chef episode, and the educational goals we have behind each episode, check out this blog post on our website.


Created by James Nicholson and Andrew Whitfield
Artwork by Liz Whitehead
Matt Schichter is GoldenTone


All music in this episode is licensed under an Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike Agreement. More information on this type of agreement can be found at freemusicarchive.org or you can click on the artist/song title to be taken to the source.

Patrick Lee - Crested Flycatcher and Quittin' Time

Dave Depper - Western