Podikins Presents - 001 - Interactive Introductions (Activity)

On this inaugural episode host Andrew and producer James are introduced as "silly," "goofy," and "kind of adventurous" (not to mention "great at stories!") by some unexpected guests. Sometimes the best way to introduce yourself is to ask someone else to do it!

(Also, is James an alien?)

This week's activity is . . . 

Interactive Introductions!  

Just like James and Andrew were introduced by someone else we ask our listeners to introduce us to someone they know!

Kids can introduce other kids, kids can introduce grown-ups, and grown-ups can introduce kids. 

Be as creative as you'd like with these introductions. If you're not sure where to start, here's a few questions you can try: 

  • What's the name of the person you're introducing?  
  • How do you know them?
  • What do they do all day?
  • What's surprising about them?
  • Why are they special?

If you want to share your introduction you can send a voice memo to


We're hoping to feature your introductions on an upcoming episode.

Not sure how to send a voice memo, or even record one?  Check out our FAQ. 

Created by James Nicholson and Andrew Whitfield
Artwork by Liz Whitehead
Matt Schichter is GoldenTone
Opening and Closing Theme by Patrick Lee
Montage Theme by Jason Shaw

Special Thanks: 
Colin, Lindsay, Beatrix, Lila, DeeDee, Helene, Lucie, Charlie, Katie, Carolyn, Ryan, Fiona, Amara, Stephanie, Jordan, Eleanor, Charlotte, Norah and Hilary!