How can I subscribe to Podikins Presents . . . on my iPhone, iPad or iPod touch using the Podcasts App?

(Please note: If you don’t see the Podcasts App icon on your iPad or iPhone you may need to download it. Instructions for how to do that are at the end of this post).

2) You will be taken to the following screen (or a screen similar to it).  Click on the Search Button in the bottom right hand corner (highlighted below).

3) In the search bar (highlighted)  type in “Podikins” and click “Search” (also highlighted below).

4) After you’ve hit search you should be taken to the following page.  Click on the “Podikins Presents” artwork under the “Podcasts” heading.

5) After you’ve clicked on the artwork you will be taken to the Podikins Presents page.  Click on the button that says “Subscribe” to subscribe to the Podcast and you’re all set!

After you’ve subscribed to the podcast new episodes should appear in your Unplayed list (highlighted above) as they are released.  Thanks for your support!

If you don’t see the Podcast App icon on your phone or iPad you may need to install it. You can do so by downloading it from the App Store.  To open the App Store click on this icon

And along the bottom click the search button

And type in “Podcasts App” and look for the icon from Step 1. Click download and you’re all set.