How can I subscribe on my Mac or PC via iTunes?

1) The first screen you see will look something like the one below.  In the top left hand corner (highlighted in the image below) you can select which part of the iTunes store you want to go to.  Use the drop down menu to select “Podcasts.”  If “Podcasts” isn’t an option click on the “Edit Menu” option and select “Podcasts.” 

2) After you’ve selected Podcasts you should be taken to the screen displayed below.  From here, use the Search function (highlighted in the top right hand corner) and type in “Podikins” and click "Search."

3) After you’ve clicked search you should be taken to the following screen.  Click on the artwork for Podikins Presents (highlighted below)

4) After you’ve clicked on the artwork you should be on the Podikins Presents page.  From here you can subscribe to the podcast by clicking the Subscribe button (highlighted below). 

Now you’re all set!  As we release episodes they should automatically download to iTunes when you next login. To listen to them go to the Podcast section of iTunes (Step 1) and click on “Unplayed” tab which is right at the very top underneath the Apple Logo.

Thank you for subscribing!