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I’m not usually one to send messages but this podcast is by far the most interactive and best we’ve found for keeping interest!
— Talia B (Message via Facebook)
We are big fans of Podikins Presents! My 7 year old loves it and finds it hilarious. My 4 year old fixates on certain characters, and my 1 year old is happy that her sisters are happy. The kids listen to them over and over. We are a roadtrip screen-free family and these are great to listen to on long drives. Well done!
— IHeartCabbages (iTunes Review)
My 8 year old son and I LOVE listening to you guys! We found you because my son wanted a funny kids podcast. We haven’t found another one yet. Also, my son loves that he and I laugh together. It’s quite the blessing your podcast has been!
— Laura G (Message via Facebook)